God Bless Butt Warmers

Arriving at U of M Dentistry before 7am for a routine teeth cleaning, at that unreasonably early hour this morning I could only be thankful for the


in my Mom’s car that made for my rear – & hers – a toasty trek.

& Tada: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OeVQEImQElY&feature=youtu.be

But butt warmers weren’t, turns out, the morning’s highlight as I mistakenly thought they’d be:

Following my dentist appointment – where I was extremely grateful to have a talented likable dental hygienist with whom I immediately clicked – while my Mom & I waited in the hall outside the office to open at 9 where we renew our parking pass, my day turned a delightfully surprised corner by running into none other than

Sarah my fabulous friend!

Think about what hits YOU in the butt . . . or wherever . . . to add happi- & thankful-ness to YOUR day today!

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