Forget About Food

Luke 12:22a, 23a, 29, 31

Then Jesus said to his disciples:
Therefore I tell you, do not worry
about your life, what you will eat . . .
23a For life is more than food . . .
29 And do not set your heart on
what you will eat or drink;
do not worry about it.
31 But seek his kingdom, and these
things will be given to you as well.“”

I know that food that you eat directly affects your health.

With that in mind, I often consciously eat gluten free as well as consume smaller portions (which is difficult because I’m a girl who LOVES LOVES LOVES to eat!). Besides that I lean towards organic produce, which is easy because my parents whom I live with buy an abundance of vegetables & fruit regularly.

All that being said, I also consciously ENJOY what goes in my mouth, & you should too! Saturday night I got a Jet’s Italian sub & gummy bears I was craving for dinner, for example. Tonight I plan to get a pizza.

 My life goal isn’t to spend my days putting myself in misery by adhering to a strict dreadful far-from-tasty diet in vain hopes of POSSIBLY – but PROBABLY NOT –  improving some of my challenging cancer-caused side effects or even potentially prolonging my life. Rather, the best formula I’ve found that works for my own health is

Traditional medicine +

 Conscious healthy eating often +

 Routine exercise & light weightlifting while listening to cool tunes +

 Treating myself to food sometimes not with intentions to boost my health but just for fun +

 Remembering that God is in Absolute Control & no matter what a person does or doesn’t do or eats or doesn’t eat will not ultimately solely determine their life’s outcome


How I Choose to Operate


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