Let it ALL OUT: Unraveling

I get it. The only difference in people is that there are those who believe in God & those who don’t. However, being a believer does not instantly guarantee the eradication of your life’s troubles, it simply means you trust in God to lead you through them.

Today I am facing a painful day where my broken leg recovering from 7-days-ago surgery really hurts & I’m just so very tired of trying to always hold it all together. On top of that, my right thumb has been exceedingly sore with its nondisplaced fracture. Give me a break because we all need one sometimes.

Writing it out makes it clearer. Tomorrow will be better. Sometimes days are difficult & there’s nothing you can do about it. I can only hope that reading my current thought process allows you to lighten the pressure you’ve put on yourself & realize that people need rest. Rest from life, rest to heal, rest to restore strength to keep going.

Thank you for understanding. Till next time.



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