5 Unique Tidbits about Dr. Yanik & Myself

5. The 2 of us have known each other for 1/2 my life aka since I first met him after needing a bone marrow transplant at age 16.

4. Dr. Yanik called me on the phone several years ago to offer the opportunity to speak with him to a crowd of medical students. I immediately jumped at the chance & thus cut my trip short currently visiting an out-of-state good friend to join him (& if he reads this, I believe it’ll be the first time he’s heard about this); & my Mom picked me up a few days early from my friend’s house in Indiana to return to Michigan.

3. Every time I mention Dr. Yanik’s name to another healthcare professional who also knows him, they always, without fail, give a comment like, “Dr. Yanik is such a wonderful doctor!” which leads me to reply – without a shadow of a doubt – “He’s the best!”

2. I enjoy helping people out when they’re learning Dr. Yanik’s name for the first time, & trying to remember his last name’s correct pronunciation, by telling them, “Here’s an easy way to remember it. Just think of this: ‘Don’t panic with Yanik.'”

1. Genuinely caring & at the top of his game, Dr. Yanik quickly rises to #1 if ever there was a list of the physicians I favored. Three cheers for the incredibly talented Dr. Yanik!!!

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