It’ll All Work Out

Don’t be fooled for 1 second by this look of sadness on my face!  That’s just my facial paralysis at its finest. I’m happy.

Despite facing unforeseen challenges recovering from my hip surgery that took place this morning, gazing ahead, the road to recovery looks like the journey will resonate remarkable results, the least of which not being an end to my right hip pain.

A roughly 8-inch titanium rod was put in my femur, & 2 titanium screws were also used in the area.

From my unimaginably awesome friend Jessica who lives out of state yet surprised me this afternoon by driving all the way to my temporary hospital home to my sisters’ families spending special time with me today during my admission to both of my incredible parents always being there for me to my cool cousin Cindy coming by to offer her lovely presence & support, I am quite positive I can make it through this adversity holding tightly onto God’s Mighty Hand. His Grip will lead me to triumph!

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