9 Days

For these last 9 full days I have greatly suffered with a broken leg. NINE FULL DAYS OF EXCRUCIATING PAIN.

The x-ray of my injured right leg taken at ER the day following my Wednesday, October 12 evening crash, revealed nothing. I waited in ER for 6 hours that day only to have a doctor call me on the drive home and tell me I have a non-displaced fracture in my right thumb.

With pain intensifying with time, day after day much more grueling & painful than the last, more testing was clearly necessary at this point.

An MRI test taken Thursday, October 20, 8 long days after my fall, uncovered the cause of my continual intensely horrible P-A-I-N. A severe break in my right hip.

Now that my pain is FINALLY validated, I hope to get some helpful treatment! It’s very very very very sad that I had to wait this long for doctors to take my health concerns seriously. If I had my druthers, nurses & physicians would review each patient’s health history to help determine if their health complaints can stand up to scrutiny. My health history would note that Every Time – Every Single Time – since 1997 when my cancer journey began, whenever I voiced a health concern it has ALWAYS ALWAYS proved to be a significant issue worth treating, such as strong infections or in this latest case of mine, another broken leg.

“Patients get better care if they have advocates,” the young male ER doctor informed my Mom during a long conversation they shared in my room where he grabbed a black stool on wheels to sit on. My smart & supportive Mom is 500% an advocate for my health! Thanks Mom, I love you LOTS.

I will be scheduled for surgery on my right hip tomorrow.

Please pray for me at this time. And thanks for listening.

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