Bound to Lose Balance

My shoulders & neck are sore. But don’t you worry for a second about me. My pride was hurt worse than my body. I’ve unfortunately mistakenly thrown my body out of whack, watch the video:

My hope by sharing this recent  (Embarrassing!!!) accident is that attitudes are improved, ideally to a higher degree of thankfulness. Thankfulness for EVERYTHING your body functions to do for you (neurotoxicity on my brain stem eliminate’s my body’s function to balance itself), like

Balance to safely move.

Eyes that produce tears.

Energy to work at a job.

Eyesight strong enough to see to drive.

A mouth that protects your teeth by producing saliva.

Joints that never weaken & collapse.

And everything else, obviously that miniscule list is merely a teeny tiny tip of the iceberg.

Today & all the rest,




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