Loving to Learn

 What’s the point of acquiring knowledge & keeping it to yourself? Armed with the preceding mindset, I’m sharing great take-away-and-apply-it-to-your-life pieces of the talk (in maroon ink) given this morning at the incredible church, Woodside Bible Church, that I attend.

Thanks goes to Pastor Jeremy for the wisdom & insight shared!

The purpose of affliction is so that God’s Works may be Displayed.”

♦ My personal take on that quoted point is due to all my years of fighting cancer, I’m now able to display God’s work in my life by

1. The mere fact that our All-Powerful God saved me from an early childhood death;

2. Sharing my unique story of faith in public speeches when I deliver them; &

3. Having people around me – those I know & others I come in contact with & interact with – hopefully being encouraged & inspired in their own lives after hearing my triumphant & God-directed cancer story.

We’re blind in our darkness & sin” so “allow Jesus to light up your world.”

To Every Single Individual God created: “You have a mission that God set before you.”

& ending with my favorite piece this morning from church:

Our lives aren’t problems to be mulled over, they are to show God’s Glory.


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