Love Knows No Lengths: Three Kinds of Awesome


By Aunt Amy


“Our God/

Is an Awesome God/

He Reigns/

From Heaven Above/

With Wisdom, Pow’r & Love/

Our God is an Awesome God!/”

Max, my nephew of 7, belted out the tune he told me he learned in school, in his basement. I chimed in & the intelligent & musical boy was happily surprised to hear Aunt Amy knew the song too.


“What does he mean, it rains?” asked nearby 5-year-old Penelope from the bench where she colored. Minutes earlier, I’d enjoyed coloring from a Dora coloring book with my darling niece after she invited me to join her. She now had her attention on adding colors to pages of a Strawberry Shortcake coloring book. How sweet!

“He means a different kind of rains than the water that falls from the sky,” I explained. “This kind of reigns – r-e-i-g-n-s – is spelled differently and means having power, like a King reigns with power.”


“He’s sleepin’,” my little nephew Harrison answered me when I asked about his dog. And not even a minute later came “He up” & sure enough, the Dachshund’s brown eyes had popped open.

I can’t help but marvel hearing the incredibly impressive verbal skills of my nephew of just 3! Our relationship cracks me up because anywhere else Harrison wants nothing to do with me, but at his own house he was all about Amy this & Amy that.

While we were eating delicious homemade gluten-free cheesecake in the kitchen his mom, my sister Sarah, said to him “You need to call her Aunt Amy” & he firmly replied “No, I don’t want to,” causing my sister & I to grin & exchange a highly amused look that said “Harrison definitely has a mind of his own!”

Spending the afternoon yesterday in the company of 2 of my nieces & 2 of my nephews, 4 siblings with an age range of 7 years to 10 months, created marvelous memories.

Most significant was the jabber mouth of 3-year-old Harrison. A mile a minute went his lips when he landed on a topic of his liking. Like colorful Duplo toys. Or members of his family. He told me he likes his oldest cousin & asked if I remembered him.

One thing the toddler & I enjoyed playing was wooden blocks. Light oak-colored ones of all sizes & shapes including rectangles, obtuse triangles & squares.

“I’m gonna build a robot,” I declared.

“I’m gon’ build a dinosaur!” exclaimed the enthusiastic nearly nonstop speaker, which I knew only because Max joined us & thankfully acted as my translator for his li’l bro’s at times unclear speech.

“Hey Amy, can I have 1 of yours?” Harrison asked, followed shortly after by “Thanks” after my polite nephew grabbed a block from my pile that he needed.

Confirmed by the youngster’s next words was what I already knew: besides this boy being properly raised & knowing appropriate times to mind his manners (as shown in the paragraph above), there’s no inkling of a doubt, as seen in his subsequent directions to me, that he is also ALL BOY.

“We gonna be mean & fight.”

The End


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