Eye Am A Falafel

Once I reach the point – hopefully later than sooner – where knee replacement surgery is my best option, I just wanna say I’m goin’ ALL OUT for once in my life! PUMP ME FULL of pain meds to help me endure the grueling ordeal of a knee replacement one day. Often I opt for the “No, thanks, I’ll grin & bear it” mindset when it comes to introducing medication into my system to alleviate an unpleasant condition, but not for knee surgery. I want all the meds they’ll give me. I know pain. I’ve paid my dues.

Unfortunately for me,

the worst of my 2 knees has made the decision not to support the rest of my body today. Good thing I live in a ranch-style house because a chair with wheels that usually sits before the computer, is now my ride.

So . . . YES, health struggles are currently prevalent,

but No, I have chosen not to dwell on that fact.

Instead of sinking into despair when I’m physically down, I’ve chosen a good attitude is the way to go.

So rather than my knee getting all of the attention today because it’s painfully acting out, focusing on better things like what you see here, is the much better decision. Looks like today I Am What I Eat, wink, wink.

 Simply Fresh Mediterranean Grill in downtown Plymouth is my new favorite spot to eat. Eye clearly am fond of their fabulous falafels.


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