Let it ALL OUT: Unraveling

I get it. The only difference in people is that there are those who believe in God & those who don’t. However, being a believer does not instantly guarantee the eradication of your life’s troubles, it simply means you trust in God to lead you through them.

Today I am facing a painful day where my broken leg recovering from 7-days-ago surgery really hurts & I’m just so very tired of trying to always hold it all together. On top of that, my right thumb has been exceedingly sore with its nondisplaced fracture. Give me a break because we all need one sometimes.

Writing it out makes it clearer. Tomorrow will be better. Sometimes days are difficult & there’s nothing you can do about it. I can only hope that reading my current thought process allows you to lighten the pressure you’ve put on yourself & realize that people need rest. Rest from life, rest to heal, rest to restore strength to keep going.

Thank you for understanding. Till next time.



Cookie Company

I feel like for 17 days I’ve been closer to hell – with the combination of my fierce pain & continuous suffering – but


I experienced a bit of heaven X2 today with

  1. an exceptionally terrific visit from my remarkable Aunt Wendy,  who brought with her
  2.  a large chocolate chip cookie  for me to savor & enjoy every last delicious bite of – & I sure did.

I love you so much, Aunt Wendy!!!!!

Necessary News

 Coupled with an imperative high dose of pain killers, which I try to avoid taking a lot of, but at times like this – the end of a long day – can’t help but swallow some, my other best medicine is in the form of company. Cool company, all of which I’ve been blessed with since my return home 2 short days ago following serious hip surgery.

Tonight I was joyful to be in the presence of the lovely Noelle & great-brained Greg (who I’m still trying to stump with a difficult question).

“Happily Exhausted” is an applicable term for me right now, after a day coupled with spectacular visitors but tiresome recovery pain, as I HEAD – carefully with each step using my walker – TO BED.

Aunt, Uncle & Niece

Happiness X3!

Aunt Dawn


Uncle Steve


Recovering from surgery Amy


Victorious Visit full of sharing, reminiscing & my daily shot to prevent blood clots given by unbelievably awesome Uncle Steve plus a – Pictured Here! – beautiful cozy flannel back satin blanket sewn last night by amazingly talented Aunt Dawn after we face timed yesterday so I could pick the fabric of my choice!


Ostensibly not gifted with a healthy life, instead I can hope that my gift of gab & writing serves to

1. influence people to be positive & grateful for blessings in their own lives


2. encourage people to conquer challenges in their own lives with the Strong Loving Hand of God.

In my reality, I attempted to mentally lessen the intense nonstop physical pain I’ve felt with this broken leg by silently reminding myself repeatedly that any pain experienced on earth is nothing compared to the brutal death Jesus Christ died on the cross for us, or in others words “Since my pain isn’t letting up I’ve got to try something to ease it.”