Friends’ Terrific 10th Wedding Anniversary – Celebrate Good Times, C’mon!

7 of the Best Parts

I saw during the time

I was in attendance:

  1. A Spectacular Set-Up of Rustic Charm for this wedding vow renewal with hay bales for seats in the front yard for the ceremony & beautifully decorated tables in the back for our magnificent meal
  2. Jessica & Aaron’s celebration of a renewing of their vows after a decade of a solid marriage with 5 growing children to show for it & love always on the RISE    
  3. Stunning Jessica in her original wedding dress – WOOOOOOOOW!
  4. Aaron choked up a bit at the sight of his gorgeous bride
  5. Hearing the extraordinary couple’s meaningful vows they spoke to each other
  6. The Fabulous SCRUMPTIOUS seemingly never-ending courses (that my Dad & I tried to recall on the drive home) of Amish dinner of soft bread, butter, Amish-made peanut butter with marshmallows, broccoli salad, green beans with bacon, noodles, dressing, mashed potatoes, gravy, grilled chicken & tender roast beef
  7. (From the sidelines because my weak left knee decided to ditch me) Watching the joyful dancing of people! Especially them ↓

    Happy 10-year Anniversary to Jessica & Aaron!!!

    Happy 10-year Wedding Anniversary to Jessica & Aaron!!!



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