My Head, I Said

So the good thing is (Always Look For The Good) my MRI test was finished a shocking 40 minutes from my arrival time at U of M Hospital! Another bonus was really friendly techs who introduced themselves right off the bat, which means they aced, in my book, “Patient Relations 101.”

Of course, an MRI of your head is not for the scaredy cat or claustrophobic person. With my head strapped in a cage to make it immobile, in addition to yellow earplugs & headphones on top of that, I couldn’t help but mentally bully myself for a little fun while stuck in the machine.

You’re not coming out, you’re stuck here forever, the lights and power might go out and you’ll be left alone trapped in this position where you can’t get out, your legs are hanging out of the machine so they might cut them off or light them on fire, are monumentally morbid thoughts I told myself just to help pass the time while Gavin DeGraw, John Mayer, Adele, & similar artists crooned through the headphones on either side of my head. Hey, don’t judge, to each their own.

MRI Tips:

  1. Remove any metal from your body because it’s not compatible with an MRI machine – specifically things like belts with metal buckles, bras with metal clasps, earrings & other metal jewelry
  2. If you’re in the same boat as me & despise wearing hospital gowns, wear 100% cotton clothing instead
  3. My advice is to stay calm & avoid pressing the ball they put in your hand – in case of anxiety – before rolling you into the machine; that way the test goes by faster if you never interrupt the test & comply with directions


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