Happy Memories!

1 reason I often blog about time with friends is because if my unstable health ever declines to the point of me no longer able to do what I used to, I can click my mouse a few times & fondly look back.

Going through folders today to lessen some papers, I hang on to the best ones like this one that are particularly memorable (& hilarious too):

Back in September ’12, I mentioned to my comically-VERY TALENTED friend Nick about my facial paralysis from cancer treatment & his brilliant reply was:

You should just tell people it’s Botox. . . And then scream for your personal assistant. Maybe carry around a small bell.”

And when I told him about the list “The Top 10 Reasons Why a Bald Head is So Cool” that I wrote as a teenager, hilarious Nick said:

If you need help spinning side effects you just let me know!

Loss of appetite? You’re just a food elitist.

Hair fell out? Never a split end again!

Loss of energy? Wake me when the band gets here!”

Thanks for the happy memories Nick!!!!

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