Tumor Humor

In the elevator at the University of Michigan Hospital going up to the floor of my doctor appointment after my blood draw this morning, I backed up still facing forward into the left corner, or tried to at least – RIGHT INTO a young man! He said something to let me know he was there but by that time I’d unfortunately already started to step onto & smash his feet. I felt so stupid & embarrassed that I didn’t turn around to look at him but made sure to look straight ahead the remainder of our ride. I call that incident “Mortified to the MAX.”

We ran into Annie, who supervises Mott phlebotomy labs & we haven’t seen in years, leaving blood draw. It’s hard to get through the hospital quickly because we inevitably get stopped or stop to talk to people we know a lot – 19 years (of being a cancer patient) will do that to ya.

My fabulous Dr. Yanik was primarily concerned about my long ongoing headache. From him I learned that patients 10 to 15 years out of cancer treatment similar to what I’ve had often develop in their heads fairly harmless Meningioma tumors (online says it’s a “usually noncancerous tumor that arises from the membranes surrounding the brain and spinal cord”). I’m not worried in the least. Apparently on the chance that a Meningioma Tumor turns out to be the culprit of my nonstop aching head, Dr. Yanik said it’s usually located close to the edge of the head & is therefore easily operable.

“OH MY GOSH!” I screamed as I flung off my white hat. “I’m going to lose my hair!!!!”

My clearly amused & impressed with my lighthearted attitude doctor put his hand out for a high five for that one.

Let me set the scene real quick for these next 2 videos: Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character plays an undercover cop who’s teaching kindergarten for the first time in his life in the film “Kindergarten Cop,” & says he has a headache. A little boy fascinated with death comments that it could be from a tumor. My favorite line in the movie comes from Arnold in his thick accent when he replies “It’s not a tumah.”


I have an MRI scheduled for this evening to see what in fact’s going on. As I’m typing this up on my cell on the drive home, my Mom had a good point. She commented how after us being in this cancer experience for so long, neither of us are ruffled at all to hear my latest medical news. She said in the car (referring back to the interaction between the 2 of us a few minutes earlier while leaving the appointment):

“You know you’ve been on this journey too long when after hearing the news of a possible brain tumor you chuckle and look at your Mom and say ‘Ha! Maybe I’ll get to see Jesus before you do!'”

Then we shared a hearty laugh & headed home for lunch. I’ll have scrumptious Spanish Cheese baked on pita bread sprinkled with oregano, garlic powder, salt & olive oil, dipped in garlic paste, mmm-mmm!

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