Squeezing Every Bit of Summer

For so many years as a cancer patient, I had to avoid the sun like the plague, so I never knew I enjoyed it so much.

 I wanted to capture to recall this moment – THIS VERY SPECTACULAR SUMMER MOMENT – outside today on my deck, either listening to Dr. Laura on Sirius XM; tunes on Pandora; or catching up on my latest captivating novel – all afternoon

⊕ Surrounded by warmth,

⊕ Hugged by a gentle flowing breeze,

⊕ & in a word: Happy.

When Michigan winter rears its inevitable bitterly freezing head, I will pull up these photos on my laptop, shot for the sole purpose of remembering such wonderfully content warm summer days as these.

(Oops, shame on me, did I forget to mention the homemade chocolate Texas sheet cake & chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream I enjoyed out here a couple hours ago, too?)


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