“Surprise, Click” poem

Turned off my alarm so to beeping I would not wake,

Due to a strong & also lingering headache.

But, oh how glad I am that my plans did not break

For li’l did I know the route my morn would take.


Sitting with Sarah to chat – who came along,

But a friend, although my brother, I haven’t seen in time long.

Filled with joy to see him, more than nice to embrace,

For long has it been since I’ve seen this guy’s face.


Clicking ensued for mere talk would not have sufficed,

The happy shock to see my great brother in Christ.

For the joy that’d rise up I wasn’t prepared,

To see Ezekiel & with him, the bond that we shared.


Relieved my plans I chose not to forsake,

Going to church after all, was quite worth the ache.

So here we are, friends reunited,

My route from dull to vastly excited!


by Amy, 7.24.16


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