Pardon the Epiphany

I just now realized, sitting on my bed reading & taking notes, many of which I share, while contentedly enjoying learning & reading the incredible book Heaven, that I am contentedly doing exactly what God made me to do. It’s not the world’s idea of a typical “job,” but when it comes down to it, we’re truly supposed to live to make perfect God, not the broken world, pleased & proud of our actions.

≡ Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved performing/speaking in front of people to entertain/inform them; that serves me VERY well now whenever I’m privileged as a cancer survivor to deliver public speeches. 

≡ And I have always enjoyed reading & writing book reports, which in a way I’m now doing. To drive the book report point home even further, as a child I watched an educational TV program at home about panda bears & took notes on it JUST FOR FUN. My sisters will attest to this embarrassing confession: as a youngster I was caught recording reading my dictionary into the tape player. In 3rd grade I even asked my teacher for worksheets of homework to do over an upcoming break. That’s a straight up school nerd right there!

I hate, yes I actually feel so strongly I’ll employ the use of the word “hate,” the question “Do you have a job?” because answering with an honest “No” probably makes me look like a lazy loser. I consider (fun, mind you) my “work” to be among others things, blogging & sharing useful knowledge like I hope I sometimes do.

There, now my brain stem’s imbalance has caused me to ungracefully slip & fall off my little soap box, so have a nice day. 😊

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