A fun “Did you know . . .

. . . this about Heaven?” (from the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn)

So far I’ve read 21/46 chapters. The last “nugget of knowledge” listed is my favorite.

I’m going to put each point in colored ink to break up the monotony of all the statements listed:

1. “Jesus didn’t die because he had sinned. He died because, as God’s Son, he chose to pay the price for mankind’s sins.”

2.Ÿ “Mankind was designed to live on the earth to God’s glory. That’s exactly what Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection secured – a renewed humanity upon a renewed Earth.”

3. Jesus was and is a human being, “in every respect like us” (Hebrews 2:17, NLT), except with respect to sin.

4. The eternal Heaven seems to be a physical place. Jesus “spoke of a house with many rooms in which he would prepare a place for us (John 14:2).”

5. “Eventually we’ll be back to live on the restored Earth.”

6. God became a man to “redeem mankind and Earth. Why? In order to glorify himself and enjoy forever the company of men and women in a world he’s made for us.”

7. “If God had wanted to consign us to Hell and start over, he could have . . . Instead, he chose to redeem what he started with – the heavens, Earth, and mankind – to bring them back to his original purpose. God is the ultimate salvage artist.”

8. “We’re told that a time is coming when God will restore everything . . . It encompasses far more than God merely restoring disembodied people to fellowship in a spirit realm . . . It is God restoring mankind to what we once were, what he designed us to be – fully embodied, righteous beings. And restoring the entire physical universe to what it once was.”

9. “Ultimately, Satan will be eternally dethroned.”

10. “Our righteous works will follow us to Heaven” (Revelation 14:13).

11. “God’s fire will not destroy the whole Earth; it will destroy all that displeases him.”

12. “Restoring the Kingdom of God on Earth” was Jesus Christ’s “ultimate mission.”

13. I learned that the “stated reference point for understanding the future destruction of the world is the Flood,” which did not make the world “cease to exist”; “Noah & his family & the animals were delivered from God’s judgment in order to reinhabit a new world made ready for them by God’s cleansing judgment.”

14. “. . . The rest of us will be going home, but Adam and Eve will be coming home. Only they will have lived on three Earths – one unfallen, one fallen, and one redeemed.”

15. “We will still be people when we die and go to Heaven. This isn’t a disappointing reality – it’s God’s plan.”

16. In our resurrected bodies, we’ll see the actual face of Jesus, which is a humungous deal: when Moses asked to see God’s glory, he was only allowed to see his back (Exodus 33:18-23).

17. There is no temple in Heaven because the “Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are its temple” (Revelation 21:23).

18. “Worship involves more than singing and prayer. . . At other times we’ll worship him when we build a cabinet, paint a picture, cook a meal, talk with an old friend, take a walk, or throw a ball.”

19. A “wonderful reason to stay alive” is because “there’s more for us to do to present ourselves pure before our Lord . . . through acts of faithful service to God.”

20. “We should guard not only our own purity, but each other’s.”

21. “There’s no dichotomy between anticipating the joys of Heaven and finding our joy in Christ. It’s all part of the same package.”

22. Jesus Christ is the second Adam, & the church (everyone who believes in & follows Christ Jesus; the church is not a building) is the second Eve. Jesus is the Groom and His bride is the second Eve aka the church.

23. In the New Earth aka the eternal Heaven, “Christ, the firstborn, is the primary ruler,” but we are called “co-heirs with Christ.”

24. “The future” eternal “heaven is centered more on activity and expansion, serving Christ and reigning with Him . . . The emphasis in the present heaven is on the absence of earth’s negatives.”

25. “. . . The need for government didn’t come about as a result of sin. God governed the universe before Satan fell. . . Ruling isn’t a bad thing, it’s a good thing. . . Because we’re sinners, power tends to corrupt us. But on the New Earth . . . all ruling will be just and benevolent, devoid of abuse, corruption, or lust for power.”

26. “Christ is not simply preparing a place for us; he is preparing us for that place.”

27. “Through the challenges you now face, what dreams might God be preparing you to live out on the New Earth?”

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2

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