More Good News from “Heaven” chapter 17!

¶ “God isn’t displeased when we enjoy

a good meal,

marital sex,

a football game,

a cozy fire,

or a good book.

He’s not up in Heaven frowning at us and saying, “Stop it – you should only find joy in me.” This would be as foreign to God’s nature as our heavenly Father as it would be to mine as an earthly father if I gave my daughters a Christmas gift and started pouting because they enjoyed it too much.”

¶ “. . . We shouldn’t ignore or minimize God’s lavish, creative gifts, but we should enjoy them and express heartfelt gratitude to God for all of life’s joys. When we do this, instead of these things drawing us from God, they draw us to God.”

¶ Theologian Sam Storms writes about being in Heaven, “Our experience of God will never become stale. It will deepen and develop, intensify and amplify, unfold and increase, broaden and balloon.”

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