I Can’t Wait for YOU TO SEE!

I was going to wait until tomorrow to post this bit since I already posted earlier today, but these 2 quoted passages from the 16th chapter of the book Heaven I’m reading are JUST SO INDESCRIBABLY wondrous! Honestly, I genuinely don’t enjoy my life on this present earth,  but reading about the extraordinary life to come makes me giddy with the deepest excitement!

See? ↓

 “Nothing is more often misdiagnosed than our homesickness for Heaven. We think that what we want is




a new job,

a raise,

a doctorate,

a spouse,

a large-screen television,

a new car,

a cabin in the woods,

a condo in Hawaii.

What we really want is the person we were made for, Jesus, and the place we were made for, Heaven. Nothing less can satisfy us.”


 “What we love about this life are the things that resonate with the life we were made for. The things we love are not merely the best this life has to offer – they are previews of the greater life to come.”


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