“Let’s Go Krogering”

I wrote this, 1 of my very first recordings of the children’s antics, on 12.2.09:
My sister, 2 of her sons and I were at Kroger during my oldest nephew’s preschool today. The boys shared a small plastic car that’s attached to a grocery cart and supposed to make shopping easier for moms with young children. “Supposed to” is the operative phrase.

The youngsters each hung out of a side of the car, with a foot dragging on the floor like Fred Flintstone. My sister plopped the youngest inside the cart after he exited the car completely. What did he do?

Well, the agile and fearless 14-month-old climbed effortlessly to the top of the car attached to the grocery cart, sprawled out over the top and hanging on, multiple times. His sibling soon did the same. Needless to say, another adventurous day with the fam!


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