Just Trying to Help You

I’m nothing but a 32-year-old former cancer patient who now faces many stressful daily side effects. The cool thing is that I have lots of time now, as a cancer survivor with a physical disability, to read and learn and also share useful content, regarding illness, food, living focused on God, & fun times, with any readers!

It’s exciting to read this book that teaches about Heaven, which has made me realize the humongous necessity of choosing to live out my faith in God during my brief stay on earth. Please read the blog posts about this book Heaven by Randy Alcorn, whenever they pop up, because as much as I care about where I’ll spend eternity, I also Care Very Much About YOU.

It’ll be forever worth it. So along with my hospital-related & other kinds of pieces, here comes some True Substance:

“The goal of getting to Heaven is worthy of greater advanced planning than we would give to any other journey – yet some people spend far more time preparing for a trip to Disney World . . . I owe it to all my readers to share with them God’s map to Heaven and offer them his Good News.”

“You may feel self-conscious around other Christians because of your past. You shouldn’t.”

A Christ-centered church is not a showcase for saints but a hospital for sinners.”

– 4th chapter in the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn


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