Heaven Is Not A Boring Place

I’m very much looking forward to continuing the book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn, that I began reading on my Kindle this afternoon after my tasty first meal of the day of 2 of my favorite Dunkin Donuts & a caramel macchiato. How nice it’ll be to learn about Biblical Exciting Real Truths about heaven, that squash misconceptions about heaven being a boring place consumed only with eternal hymn-singing & harp-playing to our King. I’m QUITE SURE the novel will be much sweeter than my breakfast!

In a nutshell, like the intriguing book states, “Heaven has fallen off our radar screens.” I 100% agree.

Leading up to the colored-blue quote below, the extremely insightful book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn, says “God uses suffering and impending death to unfasten us from this earth and to set our minds on what lies beyond.” The book goes on to say that people struck with terminal diseases and their loved ones often possess a “sudden and insatiable interest in the afterlife.” I know that’s true of me.

 “It becomes us to spend this life only as a journey toward heaven . . . to which we should subordinate all other concerns of life. Why should we labor for or set our hearts on anything else, but that which is our proper end and true happiness?” – the wise Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards

A powerfully punching point: “Because Satan hates us, he’s determined to rob us of the joy we’d have if we believed what God tells us about the magnificent world to come.”

And finally, “By God’s grace, may we . . . clearly see the liberating truth about Christ the King and Heaven, his Kingdom.”

C’mon, Read With Me!


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