To All You Readers Out There (I literally Just Now finished this)

 From Safely Home by Randy Alcorn, this passage really jumped out at me May 22 when I read it – on my deck, mind you, because Michigan’s miserably cold temps have finally taken a turn; this piece is, according to my Kindle, on page 143 when I was 38% through the book:

“I had to die to those goals. But I was fortunate to die to them. For then I was forced to set other goals, better ones.”

A Chinese Christian man is telling his visiting American friend how his life’s goals he set for himself were drastically changed by Almighty God, & ultimately how his new plans in China not only altered, but greatly improved – despite horrendous mistreatment by others – the course of his life.

I can easily relate to this piece in the fabulous novel because my life plans changed from wanting to grow up to be a successful world-traveling journalist to the extreme shock of suddenly having to fight a life-or-death war with cancer. No longer do I make long-term plans or goals because to me, it is pointless. I have learned I couldn’t be farther from being in control of my life if I tried. Only He is.

At 82% comes another remarkable string of sentences: “Never forget Jesus is King. Never forget your home is in another world.”

Most of all, the remarkable story encouraged me to place a lot more emphasis on living out my faith for God. He truly is watching over each & every big & little step that we take! I am so very grateful for this outstanding book influencing me to keep a faith-inspired perspective on my own daily difficulties & thus behave in a manner both pleasing & honoring to God.

Referring to living as a Christian, pleasing to God, nearing the end of the novel one adult male friend tells the other, “Your duty is to do what you can.”

So, I highly recommend the spectacular book Safely Home by Randy Alcorn.  Enjoy!

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