Mexican Soup

Once upon a time Amy’s talented, skillful,  (but most of all) a joy to spend time with Dad invited her to go to work with him for a day.

Tradition uncovers a past of having business meetings & making scheduled stops at diverse companies all over Detroit before a much-anticipated midday meal. This day, Thursday May 26, 2016, also happened to follow that same routine. One could even go so far, exaggerating a bit perhaps, to say the day centered around the Holy Grail of Mexican lunches. Let’s embrace some fun & roll with that idea!

Step One: After ordering his signature 3 bean burritos with onions but no cheese, with beans & rice on the side, Dad must persuade the food server to bring him many extra servings of their homemade salsa picante (hot salsa). Poured liberally across the dish, which was dubbed this by this very daughter as a young girl, the preparation is now complete of: Mexican Soup.


Steps 2-4 with his meal involve:

Two. Staring it down

Three. Raising up his spoon in eager anticipation of another hugely craved & taken with delight bite

And Last But Not Least

Four. (Unbeknownst to him but shot nonetheless) Successful contact!!

 Besides enjoying our day in the “D,” thank you, Dad, for:

* Gladly participating with me on my Kindle in our ongoing competition of who can reach the higher score in “Car Chaos”

* Continuously kindly offering to share your steamed vegetables with me (that I tend to eat with rice, which I adore, but the feeling is most definitely not mutual as rice causes my dry mouth & throat substantial choking/coughing hazards), which I hugely appreciate since I’d rather do almost anything than cook

* Playing card games like “Secret” & “Speed” with me at our kitchen table &

* Never failing to be humorous with your own quirky “Dad-isms” including:

  • Loudly calling out “Phone Ring!” every time your little white timer in the kitchen rings
  • Proudly showing me your colorful – & most of all unique so not many other people would appreciate it but you know I do – meal concoctions
  • Us playfully calling each other out as we both call ourselves “old” & make a noise every single time we move, saying things like “That was a moan.” or “That was called a walking groan.” or “Yup, I heard that sigh!”
  • Purposely mispronouncing the food “quinoa” you frequently eat, which annoys everybody else except me, leaving you & me as the only 2 people who get a mammoth kick out of the word whackiness & crack each other up hysterically in our neverending quest to outdo each other with       made-up words like “cow-new

I love you so much Dad! Happy Father’s Day!!!!!

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