“We’re not really into jewelry,” Lori politely declined as my Mom kindly offered to give them pieces she no longer wanted as her & her daughter Leah, 14, prepared to leave.

“Me either,” I chimed in, “I can’t stand stuff hangin’ on me.”

Earlier in the evening up came a subject far from the likes of jewelry as the 4 of us were seated for dinner:

“I think there’s 30,000 different kinds of Christianity,” spoke the highly intelligent high schooler, aka Leah, to my right.

Dinner food was diverse, to say the least. Our mothers dined on baked cod, asparagus & freshly made gluten-free banana date walnut muffins. The glass bowl in front of Leah contained baked mac ‘n cheese while minutes ago I had just munched on my own tasty mixture in a baggie of Kix cereal, whole almonds & chilled raisins.

Continuing with our table topic, Leah’s discourse enlightened those of us lacking prior knowledge: “My school has nuns, sisters & consecrated virgins.”

She went on to inquire about the differences in our 2 churches, turning her head to ask me, “Do you have nuns?”

Thinking isn’t my problem. Thinking on my feet, however, totally is. That’s why I was as bowled over as the next guy to hear the clever twist in my blurted-out reply.

“We have none.”

The End

By Amy on 6-7-16



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