Cane + the Letter “l”

If you take the word “cane” & add an “l” & then rearrange the letters, you get the word “CLEAN.” That reality & cool play with words has inspired today’s brief but important message:

Advice to current or future cane users who, like me, are cleanliness-conscious ↓

In public bathrooms, put a strip of clean toilet paper over your cane handle. This simple action will prevent your hand from contaminating your cane handle as you walk from the bathroom stall to the sink to wash your hands with soap & water. Then, you can grab the toilet paper used when walking to the sink with a paper towel, so you’re never directly touching it, & throw it in the garbage.

Some people think doing that is weird, but I don’t care AT ALL – they’re not the ones forever accompanied by a cane. I am!

Off you go, stay happy & stay clean.


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