“Let’s Go Krogering”

I wrote this, 1 of my very first recordings of the children’s antics, on 12.2.09:
My sister, 2 of her sons and I were at Kroger during my oldest nephew’s preschool today. The boys shared a small plastic car that’s attached to a grocery cart and supposed to make shopping easier for moms with young children. “Supposed to” is the operative phrase.

The youngsters each hung out of a side of the car, with a foot dragging on the floor like Fred Flintstone. My sister plopped the youngest inside the cart after he exited the car completely. What did he do?

Well, the agile and fearless 14-month-old climbed effortlessly to the top of the car attached to the grocery cart, sprawled out over the top and hanging on, multiple times. His sibling soon did the same. Needless to say, another adventurous day with the fam!


Notes I can’t help but Jot Down reading the book “Heaven”

From the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn, I’ve learned much in the 1st 5 chapters:

^ The present Heaven, aka the intermediate Heaven, is different from the eternal Heaven aka New Earth.

^ Believers will be judged first by their faith in Christ; & secondly by how they put their faith in action – to determine their Heavenly Rewards.

^ God will live with us on the New Earth aka eternal Heaven (so instead of having us live with Him in his dwelling, He chooses to come down & live with us).

^ God will be dwelling with resurrected (restored) people in a resurrected earth in the eternal Heaven.

^ Until Christ returns, Christians who die will go to the intermediate Heaven.

^ The initial judgment, the one when we die that depends not on our works but on our faith, is called the judgment of faith. The outcome determines whether we go to the present Heaven or the present Hell.

^ The final judgment aka the judgment of works, both believers & unbelievers face. Our works for God affect our Heavenly reward; “rewards are conditional, dependent on our faithfulness (2 Timothy 2:12; Revelation 2:26-28; 3:21).”

My Own Notes on Chapter 6:

 Now I understand why Christ calls us His Bride. The church is His Bride. “For the husband is the head of the wife as Christ is the head of the church, his body, of which he is the Savior” (Ephesians 5:23).

 Like Christ having physical properties in Heaven, we might also have physical properties in present Heaven.

 Enoch & Elijah were taken into Heaven by God without dying; so we know there are at least 3 physical bodies in Heaven (the third being Jesus Christ’s already resurrected body).

  The parable about the rich man & Lazarus the beggar is the only one in which Jesus uses a specific name in the story. (Jesus’s close friend Lazarus was a rich man.)

 Chapter 7 Notes:

  People in the present Heaven are aware of what’s happening on earth.

  People in Heaven are probably, in addition to most likely aware of us, praying for us.

 Christ’s promise of no more tears or pain comes after the end of the Old World, after the Great White Throne Judgment (my note: the judgment where unbelievers are judged), after “the old order of things has passed away” and there’s no more suffering on earth. (Revelation 21:4, that refers to the eternal Heaven and the New Earth)

 “There will be no sorrow on the New Earth, our eternal home.”

Chapter 8 Knowledge:

 The eternal Heaven is described as a city (Hebrews 11:10; 13:14) & as a country (Hebrews 11:16).

 We will rest in Heaven (Revelation 14:13, Hebrews 4:10-11).

 “We’re told we will serve Christ on the New Earth, working for his glory (Revelation 22:3).

  The eternal Heaven seems to be a physical place. Jesus “spoke of a house with many rooms in which he would prepare a place for us (John 14:2).”

 “Eventually we’ll be back to live on the restored Earth.”

 God became a man to “redeem mankind and Earth. Why? In order to glorify himself and enjoy forever the company of men and women in a world he’s made for us.”

 Chapter 9:

± “Christ died not merely to make the best of a bad situation. He died so that mankind, Earth, and the universe itself would be renewed to forever proclaim his glory.”

±”If God had wanted to consign us to Hell and start over, he could have . . . Instead, he chose to redeem what he started with – the heavens, Earth, and mankind – to bring them back to his original purpose. God is the ultimate salvage artist.”

±”We’re told that a time is coming when God will restore everything . . . It encompasses far more than God merely restoring disembodied people to fellowship in a spirit realm . . . It is God restoring mankind to what we once were, what he designed us to be – fully embodied, righteous beings. And restoring the entire physical universe to what it once was.”

±”Mankind was designed to live on the earth to God’s glory. That’s exactly what Christ’s incarnation, death, and resurrection secured – a renewed humanity upon a renewed Earth.”

± The sun and moon won’t shine any longer because God will be our “everlasting light.”


 Although I’m feeling pretty lousy right now with some extremely unpleasant symptoms that I’ll keep to myself, here’s my already-prepared post:

The 3rd chapter of Heaven by Randy Alcorn says,

“Earth is an in-between world touched by both Heaven and Hell . . .

For Christians, this present life is the closest they will come to Hell.

For unbelievers, it is the closest they will come to Heaven.”

For You I Care, & So I Share

 Right Outta Chapter Four from Randy Alcorn’s book Heaven:

“Do not merely assume that you are a Christian and are going to Heaven. Make the conscious decision to accept Christ’s sacrificial death on your behalf.”

Seriously, Ask Yourself these 4 questions:

◊ “Have you confessed your sins?

◊ asked Christ to forgive you?

◊ placed your trust in Christ’s death and resurrection on your behalf?

◊ asked Jesus to be your Lord and empower you to follow him?

Wouldn’t it be tragic if you read this book on Heaven but didn’t get to go there?”


Just Trying to Help You

I’m nothing but a 32-year-old former cancer patient who now faces many stressful daily side effects. The cool thing is that I have lots of time now, as a cancer survivor with a physical disability, to read and learn and also share useful content, regarding illness, food, living focused on God, & fun times, with any readers!

It’s exciting to read this book that teaches about Heaven, which has made me realize the humongous necessity of choosing to live out my faith in God during my brief stay on earth. Please read the blog posts about this book Heaven by Randy Alcorn, whenever they pop up, because as much as I care about where I’ll spend eternity, I also Care Very Much About YOU.

It’ll be forever worth it. So along with my hospital-related & other kinds of pieces, here comes some True Substance:

“The goal of getting to Heaven is worthy of greater advanced planning than we would give to any other journey – yet some people spend far more time preparing for a trip to Disney World . . . I owe it to all my readers to share with them God’s map to Heaven and offer them his Good News.”

“You may feel self-conscious around other Christians because of your past. You shouldn’t.”

A Christ-centered church is not a showcase for saints but a hospital for sinners.”

– 4th chapter in the book Heaven by Randy Alcorn


Heaven Is Not A Boring Place

I’m very much looking forward to continuing the book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn, that I began reading on my Kindle this afternoon after my tasty first meal of the day of 2 of my favorite Dunkin Donuts & a caramel macchiato. How nice it’ll be to learn about Biblical Exciting Real Truths about heaven, that squash misconceptions about heaven being a boring place consumed only with eternal hymn-singing & harp-playing to our King. I’m QUITE SURE the novel will be much sweeter than my breakfast!

In a nutshell, like the intriguing book states, “Heaven has fallen off our radar screens.” I 100% agree.

Leading up to the colored-blue quote below, the extremely insightful book, Heaven by Randy Alcorn, says “God uses suffering and impending death to unfasten us from this earth and to set our minds on what lies beyond.” The book goes on to say that people struck with terminal diseases and their loved ones often possess a “sudden and insatiable interest in the afterlife.” I know that’s true of me.

 “It becomes us to spend this life only as a journey toward heaven . . . to which we should subordinate all other concerns of life. Why should we labor for or set our hearts on anything else, but that which is our proper end and true happiness?” – the wise Puritan preacher Jonathan Edwards

A powerfully punching point: “Because Satan hates us, he’s determined to rob us of the joy we’d have if we believed what God tells us about the magnificent world to come.”

And finally, “By God’s grace, may we . . . clearly see the liberating truth about Christ the King and Heaven, his Kingdom.”

C’mon, Read With Me!


“Golden Arches”

by Aunt Amy on 4.17.11 

            “You’re a sweet boy,” Grandma, happy to have one-on-one time with her very verbal grandson (while the rest of his family was out) so she could place full attention on playing with him, cooed.

            The toddler’s fleeting attention span soon diverted him in all sorts of directions.

            “Knuckles,” Grandpa said the Sunday before Easter, as he walked by him and Grandma, and the two knocked fisted hands.

            The observant and delightful little brown-haired boy found his way to my lap. Dressed in a long-sleeve grey t-shirt with NIKE in orange at the bottom and navy warm-ups with two orange stripes around a white stripe on the sides, my little nephew sat with me at the computer. At these times the polite 2-year-old (usually the first of his brothers to say “Thank You” when kind and artistic Grandma gives Gummy Bear candy to the boys) expects me to pull up his favorite thing in the world to watch on screen: tractor videos.

            “Is that a house?” … “Is that a car?” … “Is that a butterfly?” the youngster asked these questions he already knew the answers to, correctly naming sights he saw before a tractor video popped on the screen.

His brown eyes never left the screen because missing a moment of tractors is unthinkable. Music played in the background while we watched one of several tractor videos that are stored in my “Favorites” section online to allow for quick retrieval. Lots of different shapes and sizes of the machines are shown in yellow dusty fields and in front of clusters of green leafy trees.

            His comments as he watched videos April 17th included the lines “Look at that tractor over there” and “Tractor, tractor Amy, that’s a orange tractor” which was soon followed with “That’s a gween tractor.”

            Before he deserted Grandma to watch tractor videos with his aunt, this happened:

“That’s good marketing,” the little one’s much-loved Grandma told me, referring to a painting of a large yellow flower she outlined on a tablecloth reserved for such activities.

Her grandson’s interpretation when prompted to label the painting reinforced Grandma’s statement about the fast food chain’s lucrative ploys of making themselves known. Their extreme and ubiquitous advertising (with a “why-not-start-them-early-because-they’re-a-possible-future-consumer-?” attitude) even trickled down to an innocent, courteous and tractor-loving toddler.

He took one look at the image on the tablecloth and blurted:

”That’s McDonald’s.”


Laughing Little Guy on a Different Day

Laughing Little Guy on a Different Day