Life is NOT Fun & Games

Immediately following the removal of my acupuncture needles today, cupping treatment was used on me. It was nowhere near what I imagined it’d be. Shocking as an adjective to describe the cupping is a gigantic understatement. I laid silently on the bed there trying to think happy thoughts while it happened. My nephew Harrison came to my mind, & then his little sister Joey.

The first cup was placed on my face & quickly cranked to the point where I felt like that part of my face was stuck very tightly in a vise. I couldn’t even talk. Then it was done again a little higher up on my face. The intentions are good, but boy was I blown away at the Powerfully Intense Suction that remained for the entire approximately 5 minutes the cups were on my face. Afterwards I felt like crying. 

The highly unpleasant feeling during cupping treatment just brought back sad painful memories of all the physical crap I’ve endured in a war fighting for improvement in my health & side effects.

God, I love You & trust You & hope You

soon reveal to me in

Your Perfect World Plan

a positive aspect of these

immense challenges of mine.


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