Last Ditch Effort

 “I would blog about that every day for 10 years,” I told my Mom during my acupuncture treatment. Shown in the above photo, Monday electrical stimulation in addition to acupuncture was given to me in hopes of restoring facial movement. It’d be spectacular if my smile came back after over a decade!

Am I, regarding seeing any improvements health-wise, nothing but a Lost Cause? I’ll give it 1 Last Try. Then understandably, I never plan to voluntarily visit a doctor (the Chinese woman doing my acupuncture is both a medical doctor as well as nationally certified & very experienced in Chinese medicine; for generations her family has been doing acupuncture etc. in China) again.

(See the wire below hooked on to a needle on my face?) Since 1997, my body’s endured a lot. Routine blood draws, IVs, infusions of all kinds, burning shots, nausea, puking, headaches, surgeries, stitches, fainting, third-spacing, enormous pain – & that’s not even the 1/2 of it. Enough.

C’mon little facial muscles, MOVE!

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