Can I Bottle this Feeling?

1. Happy

2. Content

3. Relaxed

4. Peaceful. All of those preceding adjectives apply to me this very second.


Because I literally JUST walked in the door – thanks for the ride home Jeremy – from my fabulous-beyond-words group Bible study. We began a fantastic new study tonight focusing on God opening doors for believers to walk through; we had a discussion about our tongues having a major effect in our day-to-day lives and the directions they take; time was spent sharing prayer requests to speak to Almighty God together; & much talking took place to learn from & encourage one another, both through Bible verses & our own personal valued input.

Despite less people than usual being able to attend tonight, I couldn’t ask for BETTER friends in this small group. They know & respect ME, genuinely listen to me when I share a thought or two, & likewise offer their own ideas, knowledge, experiences & encouragement as we converse.

If happiness was a tangible thing, it would be wrapped tightly in my arms as I speak this very moment. Thanks for your remarkable fellowship tonight Sunny, Jeremy & Foxy! I love our meaningful friendships & am so grateful for each 1 of you. Each of you brings your own special dose of joy & wisdom to my ever-learning life journey.

It can’t be said enough so I’ll go ahead & say it again: Better friends a girl never had, & that’s the truth. Two weeks my friends, I’ll bring the cheesecake & strawberries, you bring YOU.


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