2nd Acupuncture Treatment Notes

Let me say that my intentions are not to describe acupuncture after each treatment, but I will today (I know you’ve all seen enough needles in my face – “How insanely boring is this?” – I get it, just c’mon & humor me today. There’s some good shots here!)

  1. My kidneys, liver & spleen are all contributing factors to my body’s overall tiredness.
  2. My eyes, which have failed to shut fully since the end of my cancer treatment many years ago, may begin to close more.
  3. Results from acupuncture will, the doctor told me today after being asked, last a lifetime.

Tidbits to tell:

* Comfortable clothes that allow easy needle access to your lower legs & both arms, are what you need to wear. For instance, this morning I wore capri grey yoga-like athletic pants & a t-shirt.

* 1 session lasts 45 minutes.

* There’s absolutely NO NEED whatsoever for “needle fear.” You don’t feel enough to talk about. Honestly, if a little kid came along & pinched you for no reason, the miniscule pain felt in that moment is a lot more than you’ll feel with a skilled acupuncturist.


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