Eye Tried for Humor

Just to see what would happen, & also I guess to learn if they really do read those annoying health history lists patients always have to fill out at doctor appointments, yesterday I checked off every single “Current Problems/Symptoms.” These ranged to everything from fatigue to chest pain to panic attacks to genital lesions. (By the way: Why on earth would my eye doctor want to know about, well, any of those things, especially the latter?)

What happened was: a big fat NOTHING!

I finally mentioned what I’d done with the list to the medical technician I saw before the doctor, just to see what she thought. She turned to me & erupted in a knowing laugh which told me she’d already looked over the sheet & knew it was purposely false information.

 . . . Which brings me to 2 Highlights of the Appointment:

1. Being reminded that my clever eye doctor had channels made into my latest pair of custom-fit PROSE contact lenses for added confort &

2. The medical techician I saw introducing herself right off the bat! *** That’s a huge deal in patient care because meeting friendly medical staff can Make or Break your day.***

Thanks Mallory!!!

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