Rules are Rules – At Any Age, apparently

By Aunt Amy

Cinco de Mayo 2016

The 1st subject of this story albeit awhile later in the day

The 1st subject of this story albeit awhile later in the day

“Lemme see yer butt,” he said to me with a mouth stuffed with chocolate cookies. Inappropriate? I think not! Please allow me to set the actually completely innocent scene: I had slipped into my sister’s, who was having a garage sale, house to try on a pair of Ann Taylor Loft “Modern Skinny” black pants for sale that she said I could have. My 2-year-old nephew merely noticed me trying to be inconspicuous & his comment followed. (By the way, my favorite clothing store + a perfect fit = happy Aunt Amy with a new pair of pants!)

Now let’s rewind to a bit earlier that same day:

It never fails to be amusing when a little one reprimands an adult. Such was the case, my case in fact.

“Amy, move your sandals so they’re closer to the door,” my Mom said to me before exiting. The brown sandals in question, I admit, were a li’l bit too far into the hall.

“Can 1 of you please move my sandals for me?” I asked Penelope my niece & Maxwell her older brother who stood next to me. The children, 5 & nearly 7, were closer to the floor & the last thing I wanted to do was bend down with my aching left knee. Therefore I asked the simple task of 1 of them.

Pen, however, would have none of it. She swiftly turned to face me & in an authoritative tone sternly spoke to her aunt a lesson she seems to have already mastered – the lesson being to obey your parents without question, hesitation, & apparently any help whatsoever from an outside source:

You have to listen.”

Never mind the fact that I’m a 32-year-old adult so obeying my parents the way she has to as a small child no longer applies to me. To drive her point home even further just in case I didn’t fully grasp my role the first time around, she made a point, bless her heart, to continue her sharp talking to:

She told YOU, you have to listen.”

The End

She TOLD me!

She TOLD me!


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