“TIME Will Tell” poem

In college I put this poem together to show a wonderfully gifted professor – pictured below at a recent event he invited me to – I was honest regarding a given weekly assignment. To further prove my point, I tied together all the editions of the magazine I brought to his class every week & put the pile on his desk.

To prove that I’ve always brought in a new TIME,

I decided to compose a short little rhyme.

I brought a weekly edition to each and every class

Because my intent was always to pass.

I wouldn’t be dishonest and take the risk

Of trying to cheat Professor Fisk.

My goal is to achieve the grade of an “A,”

So I do my best in Comm 310 on Monday.

I assure you I’d never tell a lie.

Is that proof enough? Okay. Good-bye!

The End

Professor Alan Fisk & me

Professor Alan Fisk & me




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