You’re lucky in life to meet great friends. I am beyond blessed to include Kelly as a fantastic friend who not only provides super fun times but also balance when I wobble! Thanks for keeping me steady, Kelly!!! (Seriously, I truly welcome your generous kindhearted assistance walking.)

What I was reminded of today is that sequels of movies are so often, like the one we saw today, not worth time – 1 hour & 45 minutes – or money – just over $10 for an afternoon show!

The day was saved, though, since prior to the failure of a film we feasted on a magnificent lunch at Macaroni Grill.

May I recommend Macaroni Grill's mouthwatering New York cheescake?

May I recommend Macaroni Grill’s mouthwatering New York cheesecake?

So thank you to my SPECTACULAR friend Kelly . . .
. . .  because at least we enjoyed the first half of today’s outing!

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