Too Sick Too Quick

 If I described my life as what I feel it’s like too often (like these past several days), the words “depressing,” “sick more often than I’d prefer,” “hopeless,” “miserable” & “worthless” come to mind. I could say those words about my life, & ya know what? I’d be 100% right – when speaking of my earthly life, that is.

In my spiritual life aka the life that truly matters, will come all the JOY, HOPE & MEANING I seek in this broken world. When my health has gradually deteriorated each day lately as I’ve faced 1. speaking with raspy vocal chords that sound as if they’re walking over a grate; 2. a respiratory system all-too-eager to rid itself through my now-tired-&-sore-thanks-to-this ailment throat of icky “stuff”; & 3. congestion leading to repetitive coughing fits, I need to remember Jesus & be thankful.

Constantly falling off the tracks, I realize, always without fail leads to feelings of negativity & despair. In a perfect world I’d stay on track daily with Jesus by my side, letting His wisdom & guidance determine my life’s attitude & course.

Friends, take it from me, I’ve been reminded COUNTLESS times – the latest being just before this post – that living focusing on Jesus makes a life happy & fulfilled. Without Jesus my days are pointless & I inevitably sink into sorrow. Don’t be like me – Instead, spend time devoting your days to Jesus & being a blessing to other people.

Maybe 1 purpose in my own life is to be uncomfortably honest about myself so others can learn from my blunders & thus enjoy better lives! One can only hope . . .

Till next time.



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