Just the Right Bite Tonight

Every once in a great while, a totally chocolate dinner is the ONLY fix!

Thinking that one’s diet will eliminate any chances of health troubles is utterly AB-SURD. A strict diet, which would also be highly stressful – which in itself is terrible for your health, of only organic fruits & vegetables & grass-fed organic meats & the like, would not in any way have prevented my multiple leukemia relapses.

God does not look down at people from heaven & say, “Oh! He’s consuming lots of nutritious seafood so he’s not going to get the flu.” Get real!

Just be sensible & smart without stressing yourself out trying in vain to reach no-such-thing-as “perfect” dietary health. Food does of course directly affect your health, but c’mon, you’re not in total control of your circumstances – God is (boy, didn’t I learn that lesson when cancer brutally socked me in the face at age 13 & altered the course of my now intensely challenging life?) – so enjoy edible goodies & praise God when you do!

* 6 Samoa Girl Scout cookies

* 1 mug of hot chocolate

* 1 gluten free chocolate coconut macaroon

& * 1 container of soy, gluten- & dairy-free chocolate pudding

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