“It’s a Slang Thang”

By Aunt Amy

Easter afternoon 2016

“Want to play a game with me?”

“Sure,” I said, never missing an opportunity to spend time with my already 5-year-old niece. Kids grow up so fast! So I took a break from packing for Indiana early the next morning to visit friends & joined the fun.

Our Easter playtime started out innocently enough. A two-part plastic house, pool & farmhouse were the main parts. Colorful accessories included little wooden people of all ages, dogs, cars, fences, even a wagon-pulling tractor.

My sweeter-than-honey adorable niece no doubt relished our 2-girl activity. She most often joins her remarkable – & influential – 3 older brothers in their energetic antics & the like. (Possibly the below video helps to emphasize my point.) Phrases learned at school, games they pick up, the latest catchy dance moves: all things that inevitably rub off on their lovely little sis.

I picked up a little boy in our farmhouse game. “This is Joe.”

Before I could catch my next breath out flew my sweet young niece’s quicker-than-a-cougar comeback:

“Joe Mama!”

The End

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