You Gotta Laugh at yourself

Life is so much easier when you can see humor in it. Like, really, what’s the big deal anyway???

My dear Dad was making fun of me this afternoon for always wearing a hooded sweatshirt ’round the house, & my Mom wanted a photo op with him wearing his new hoodie (along with wearing the hood to – humorously I took it – mock me).  

The 3 of us shared a hearty laugh but think about it: I could have gotten

 1. Angry that he was laughing at my appearance, even though it was lighthearted & completely innocent, or I could’ve

2. Stormed off upset, creating a “mountain out of a molehill” aka causing stressful bad-for-your-health drama. No thanks!

Laughter lightens your load & lifts your heart into heavenly places.” – author Sarah Young

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