Retain Your RETAINER

The cool DJ Tony on the tv show Ellen has braces behind, not in front of, his teeth for about 8 months. Why? In Tony’s words, after wearing braces as a teenager to straighten his pearly whites he was “irresponsible” with his retainer.

If you’ve had braces & seek a lifetime of straight teeth, I recommend to wear your retainer a couple times a week at least. Why not? You’ll be asleep & your teeth will be happy.

Upon asking about it I learned from my dentist that once teeth have been artificially moved, like with wearing braces, your teeth continue moving your entire life. ◊ I mentioned that previous fact in a post many months ago, too. ◊ I still wear my retainer every night since I place a high priority on straight healthy teeth. See?  (I’d whiten my teeth too, except for the fact that I have facial paralysis, so you can’t see them anyway. Regardless, I still prefer my teeth straight!)

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