“Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?”

Seated around the black round kitchen table, my meal was separate from those in my company. They had identical dinners including tuna, which I avoid at all costs.
 He wore comfortable black around-the-house kind of pants, and a sweatshirt of his color of choice: anaranjado, or as some people who did in fact take Spanish in high school only to forget the lion’s share of what they learned in subsequent years would possibly recall, means orange.
Although I had every right to be present, I couldn’t help feeling like a tricycle, aka a third wheel, as I honed in on their mirthful chatter.
The two held each other’s attention well as the topic turned to animals they wished to be. The amusing conversation turned semi-serious as each one of the two shared their clearly well thought out beforehand ideas:
“We’re 2 cats,” she happily declared as she sat on his left. I sat across from him, my ears immensely enjoying every bit of their banter.
“No, I told you,” he quickly spoke up to firmly lodge his previously pondered protest. “I’m a dolphin & I’ll give you a ride on my back.”
The End

By Amy on March 1, 2016

 Oh, & thanks for this story material last night at dinner, DAD & MOM!

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