Live to Forgive

. . . & might I add: a lot! I find that failing to Forgive is like a thief in the night, robbing you of precious energy, time, peace & joy during our finite days on earth. 

Matthew 6:14-15 makes a whole lotta sense: For if you forgive other people when they sin against you, your heavenly Father will also forgive you. 15 But if you do not forgive others their sins, your Father will not forgive your sins.






“It’s a Slang Thang”

By Aunt Amy

Easter afternoon 2016

“Want to play a game with me?”

“Sure,” I said, never missing an opportunity to spend time with my already 5-year-old niece. Kids grow up so fast! So I took a break from packing for Indiana early the next morning to visit friends & joined the fun.

Our Easter playtime started out innocently enough. A two-part plastic house, pool & farmhouse were the main parts. Colorful accessories included little wooden people of all ages, dogs, cars, fences, even a wagon-pulling tractor.

My sweeter-than-honey adorable niece no doubt relished our 2-girl activity. She most often joins her remarkable – & influential – 3 older brothers in their energetic antics & the like. (Possibly the below video helps to emphasize my point.) Phrases learned at school, games they pick up, the latest catchy dance moves: all things that inevitably rub off on their lovely little sis.

I picked up a little boy in our farmhouse game. “This is Joe.”

Before I could catch my next breath out flew my sweet young niece’s quicker-than-a-cougar comeback:

“Joe Mama!”

The End

“An Encouraging Word” poem I wrote in ’05 at age 21

I wrote this poem still thinking that my cane was a temporary annoyance. Little did I know . . .

Stepping outside the theater where Jess and I saw Hitch today,

An elderly man stopped me while I was on my way.

I braced myself for the worst, ‘cuz negative remarks I’ve previously heard,

So I was more than pleasantly surprised to hear an encouraging word.

The man had a one-point cane but said he’d had one like mine,

But he had graduated, I saw, and was walking nearly fine.

He asked how long I’d had the cane and I answered him “June.”

His kind and understanding eyes assured me I’d be cane-less soon.

He said his name was Lou and asked my name, which I said so he could hear,

Even though I currently have trouble with “m” sounds, he repeated my name, clear.

Walking without a cane in hand is something I know I can do,

Thanks to the encouraging words of a nice man I call “Sweet Lou.”

The End

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Aced Assignment

This was a final paper I wrote all by myself & then was asked to read in front of the other students in my English class as a high school sophomore. Lisa was my partner; students had to pair up & write a good excuse explaining why their homework was incomplete. The following assignment which I aced is an example of how my brain can think in rhymes.

Amy Barta



  Lisa and I were ready to write our English assignment, with our supplies all laid out. We were about to brainstorm ideas for what to write about. The two of us were alone at Lisa’s house, and just about to begin. Then suddenly through an open window something fluttered in.

            The little creature that entered possessed a certain glow. Before we had a chance to react, the little creature spoke. “My name is Tinkerbell and I come from Never-Never Land. I would be so grateful if you could just give me a hand.” As it turned out, the Lost Boys in Never-Never Land could not fall asleep, because Wendy and her brothers were away for the week. The Lost Boys needed bedtime stories before they could close their eyes, and you know you’ve given them sweet dreams when you hear their blissful sighs.

            Lisa and I agreed to help, how could we have refused? As to how we would get there, though, the both of us were bemused. Tinkerbell sunk her hand in her satchel and produced a portion of dust. “This will make you fly,” she declared, “and fly you must.” She sprinkled a pinch on each of our heads, and stated, “Now lets go get those boys into their bouncy beds.”

            Away we flew into the depths of the night. The world below us was a spectacular sight. We arrived to Never-Never Land, and were welcomed with a cheer, for the girls who would read the Lost Boys to sleep were finally here. Bedtime stories and “Good-nights” followed after many greetings and embraces. The looks of contentment on the Lost Boys brought joy to our own faces. When the boys were all asleep in bed, a few more “Good-nights” to Tinkerbell were said. Peter Pan escorted us to each of our houses and told us to come again soon, and Lisa and I waved from our bedroom windows as he flew under the sparkling moon.

            With our task completed we turned in for the night, knowing that we had done what was right. We know, Mrs. Brubaker, you would have done the same thing if you had been in our position, and you cannot be angry over such an honorable mission. The English assignment was a sacrifice for the Lost Boys we just had to pay, and we hope you’ll extend our deadline for just one more day.

Lisa & I remain great friends!

Lisa & I remain great friends!

Eye Know what you’re Thinking

“I wonder what’s for lunch,” my Mom wondered aloud jokingly. “We got pretzels, crackers & water for breakfast.”

They had 6 of us patients, & those accompanying us, waiting to see a doctor tossed aside in a hallway seated in chairs just waiting. And WAITING we did. To the point where the office manager came along & offered us snacks from a basket she was carrying. Eating a bag of Snyder’s pretzels did little to pass the interminable time waiting.

“Do you have a lunch menu?” my Mom asked the office manger later as we Still Just Sat.

Anyways, do you think I’m going to talk about my eye appointment this morning with my cornea specialist? Or the fact that I waited 135 minutes to see him? Or that I’m including a photo of myself from this morning with weird stuff hanging out of my eyes at my eye appointment to test my tear production?

(Sometimes no change is a good thing. My annual eye appointment concluded them to be no better, no worse. Anything NOT on the decline is fine with me, 2 cheers for 2 stable eyeballs!!)

Here’s The Most Important – Repeated – Take-away: always Always ALWAYS (if possible & available) like I’ve mentioned before & need to reiterate now, schedule the 1st appointment of the day at the doctor’s office to avoid a long wait. My appointment was at 9am & I didn’t see my overbooked physician till 11:15.

 But then again, you can count your lucky stars if excessive waiting is the worst part of your day.

All is well in the end cuz this Foodie got Chipotle.

All is well in the end cuz this Foodie got Chipotle.