“Mother & Son” poem

Mother and son, a bond you can’t break,

A loving but comical pair they do make!

Mommy’s on the phone, trying to smooth out credit for Thom,

But there’s always time to sneak a peek at craigslist.com.

Keeping the babe quiet and content is crucial, Mommy knows.

She’ll pop in a video about piggly-wiggly toes.

Sitting on the couch, he is curled in her lap,

Mommy continues to work while babe takes a much needed nap.

Time to eat, so infant gets strapped in his highchair

And Ritz cracker crumbs are soon spread everywhere.

Soggy particles of food stick to his shirt and the floor.

Don’t fret about the mess, ‘cuz that’s what a vacuum’s for.

Out comes the hose, suctioning and loud,

But whatever mess he creates, he still makes his Mommy proud.

Daddy is at work and is a sport-loving spouse.

Around dinnertime he’ll join his wife and son at their ranch style house.

During the day there is work, there is fun,

A doting Mommy and a practically “perfect” son.

The End

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