Have Mercy!

Some things you’ll find in life are FABULOUS the 2nd time around like:

◊ Italian food

◊ Older siblings’ cool clothes they pass down to you (this I can attest to as the youngest of 3 girls) ***Thanks for the black shorts you gave me today, big sis!

& 3’s an (eagerly awaited) CHARM with today’s

  1. ◊   !!!
Nostalgia & New all wrapped up in 1!

Nostalgia & New all wrapped up in 1!



By Aunt Amy

February 22, ’16

Aunt Amy has at least 1 thing going for her. And that would be her Kindle Fire. And that is because her 5 nephews, each & every one of them, from age 11 all the way down to the 2-year-old, love playing on the tablet in whatever game suits them at any given time.

So 2 cousins aka my 7 & 6 year old nephews were in my bedroom 1 recent afternoon.

“Can we agree on a game?” asked the younger of the 2. Hockey was the chosen Kindle game of the moment.

Oh, but for hearing the words flowing from their little lips! Each delivered an expression that particularly stuck out as . . . Cute? Charming? Wildly but not surprisingly hilarious?

As an aunt I couldn’t be happier to hear the following:

“It was 7-3,” he told me proudly with his brown eyes sparkling, a grin erupting from ear to ear across the 6-year-old’s beaming face. “I won.”

The rhyming remark fired earlier from the mouth of his older cousin was equally memorable.

“I got skills,” he stated while enormous gobs of confidence oozed from both of his ears with he syllable he spoke. “That’s how I pay the bills.”

The End


Alternate Aced


Following watching an online talk of Pastor Harvey Carey (after being too sick to physically attend my regular church this morning), Pastor Carey, who leads a congregation in Detroit, aced the message which includes some phenomenal take-aways to share:

† “The 10 Commandments are not 10 suggestions.”

† Matthew 22:34 that says ‘Jesus replied, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind”‘ was used by Pastor Carey to emphasize his point that we need to love God with every aspect of our being.

† “When we surrender to God, He gives us the power to forgive, to love . . . We need a Love Revolution!”

† “When people see love in you they see God in you because God is love.”

† “We are asked to show every person the love of God.”

Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

                                           1 John 4:8