“Why am I Not Surprised?”

By Aunt Amy

January 16, ‘16

“How’d you get so good?”

“Just a little secret.”

Three years from his age even turning into double digits, my first grade nephew’s brain is brimming, more like overflowing, with knowledge.

Our game of ping-pong in my basement which included my probing to uncover the source of his whacking the ball “talents,” was preceded by an earlier competition at my kitchen table of Connect Four.

The boy instructed me to start. We lightly, I thought at first, bantered back & forth about who would win & who would be the loser.

“I’m not gonna let you win just cuz you’re a little kid,” I warned my nephew. “You’re really smart so I’ll play at my best.”

The sharp youngster chose the red chips so I had the black ones. Without me even letting him, the boy who regularly astounds those of us who hear him speak his wisdom – learned from school & who knows where else – rose to victory numerous times by a landslide. (Mind you, my lenses that had been in my dry eyes for 4 whole hours, were fogged up & thus extremely difficult to see through. Plus the game was positioned in a weird light . . . all right, enough excuses already!)

My quite lengthy losing streak reminded me of a line the 7-year-old (7!!!!) doggedly declared at the start of our battle. Apparently his abundance of know-how includes trash talking too. Needless to say, shocked I wasn’t to hear the boy’s fighting words, no doubt intended intimidation at its finest:

“I’m gonna slice you like a pizza.”

The End

Me & the future Connect $ Champion

Me & the future Connect 4 Champion

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