“Communication IS (300%) Key” poem

By Amy, today after the phone call

After broaching the subject to several close friends,

I concluded for docs to know this, on me it depends.

Beneficial I tried to be, because Knowledge Is Power,

After penning my feelings at my darkest hour.

Arising too often in my life, side effects rear their gruesome face,

Try as I might, positivity’s not nearly always the case.

So I knew at the moment it had to be done:

Put pen to paper to share truths, more than 1.

Frankly, I didn’t give myself much of a choice,

Knowing my actions could help give many patients a voice.

(Since physicians are limited to seeing only patients’ lives in their care,

I took it upon myself to be the one to freely share.)

Of sadness, depression, feeling hopeless in my state, which will never get better,

One cancer survivor’s hard life – mine – I described in the letter.

To make the chosen readers feel bad was not my intent,

My goal was to show how my worst days are spent.

Glad I was to receive today a call from my favorite physician,

He came from an appreciative, caring & thankful-to-know position.

It’s not too far-reaching to call him, shall we say, a “cancer mechanic.”

And his name rhymes with the end of this phrase (I tell to others about him) “Don’t PANIC.”

So delivering the telling words, I can only guess,

Is 1 reason God made me a medical mess.

The End


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