Puttin’ on the Hitz

Super is Sunday Thanks to my cool-as-a-quesadiLLa 😉 cousins Kristen & Tommie.

“It’s still your birthday season,” they noted as they generously treated me to marvelous Mexican comida for lunch.

The Hitz siblings & me

The Hitz siblings & me

Preceded by attending a memorable service at Woodside Bible Church in Plymouth, where we learned awesome things including:

  • Kadima” is the Hebrew word for “forward”;
  • We need to seek righteousness & not sin; &
  • We should “present ourselves as slaves to God,” meaning we should honor & obey Him,

now there’s talks of this trio repeating similar activities. What do I say to that? “Sure, let’s go Kadima!”

“FRIENDS” ladder poem

Thanks largely to cool friends (like all of you reading this) who sent me joyful messages, today I happily “birthday-ed” my way into becoming one year closer to needing to walk with a cane – no, wait, I already do. Then let’s change the last part to “one year closer to needing to stay off my feet to relieve bad joints” – no, wait, I already do. Geez, now let’s try “one year closer to seeing my doctor more often than I see most of my friends” – no, wait, I already do. Aw shucks, you know what I mean.




E veryone’s

N aturally

D iffering

S ides

By Amy 1.30.16



Compliments of Kelly

WOW, what a sweet birthday shocker!! I answered a knock on my front door a few minutes ago to:

my gorgeous & immensely thoughtful friend Kelly surprising me with my favorite munchkins & drink – a caramel macchiato – from Dunkin’ Donuts!!

This means the world to me for reasons aplenty. Most of all this SPECTACULARLY INCREDIBLE person I’m beyond blessed to call my friend has gone out of her way to make me feel special & loved. Talk about warm fuzzies! THANKS & I LOVE YOU KELLY!!!!!!!!!


My Birthday Surprise!

My Birthday Surprise!

Hindsight Bias at its Finest

Unfortunately, there’s no manual titled “What To Do/How to Find Meaning in Your Life if you’re a Physically Disabled Cancer Survivor Who’s Also a College Graduate Yet Unable to Work & Daily Suffering with a Lifelong Plethora of Health Issues – in just 12 Easy Steps!

In hindsight, I clearly see that my tailor-made by Almighty God life is just fine just the way it has been, & is. Like every other imperfect life on this planet, mine is an infinite work in progress.

*** Subsequent to my colossal past blunders, a couple of things that I hope remain stamped on my mind are 1) God calls the shots, not me & 2) There needs to be Much MORE of God & a ton less of me in my everyday life.***

Now as I turn 32 my challenging goals are to:

1.  Become accepting & more content with my unique difficult life – a much smaller life with circumstances I never in a zillion years imagined would be mine – God has given me,

2. Try to live happier, consciously thanking God for little everyday blessings around me


3. Remember the line I heard at Woodside Bible Church in Plymouth a few months ago from remarkable Pastor Jeremy that says having “Christ’s attitude changes everything” & that “. . . love covers over all wrongs” (Proverbs 10:12b).

Set your minds on things above, not on earthly things. Colossians 3:2


“During Boston”

A poem I wrote about my first trip to Boston to get special lenses at age 20:

The trip turned out to be okay.

I got more acclimated with each passing day.

We chose the Marriott because it offered us a deal.

Often we were shuttled to the Boston eye clinic by a man named Sheldon Steele.

Sheldon is an intriguing character with great use of vocabulary.

At the eye clinic we met Dr. Rosenthal, whose first name is Perry.

Scleral Lenses have fluid that coats the eye,

Preventing it from getting dry.

Kim started the process the same day as me.

We both had success, for we both could soon see.

In the hotel gym, Mom and I met Justin, who was working out.

She told him what my trip here was all about.

Crossing streets in Boston is hazardous, at first we didn’t have a clue.

One night we talked to Newfoundland Chumley’s owner, a guy dressed in yellow and blue.

Nikki and Karen flew from California and the Scleral lenses were for Nikki’s eyes.

Not until you wear the lenses, what you’ve missed seeing you begin to realize.

Mom and I got a tour of the lab from Steve, to see where the Scleral Lenses are made.

It’s amazing when I wear them because I don’t require as much shade.

The clinic is presently in Chestnut Hill, the hotel’s in Brookline.

Boston turned out to be a visit more than okay, it was fine!

The End

(My left eyeball looks yellow in the photo due to drops put in my eyes at my doctor’s appointment.)

“Why am I Not Surprised?”

By Aunt Amy

January 16, ‘16

“How’d you get so good?”

“Just a little secret.”

Three years from his age even turning into double digits, my first grade nephew’s brain is brimming, more like overflowing, with knowledge.

Our game of ping-pong in my basement which included my probing to uncover the source of his whacking the ball “talents,” was preceded by an earlier competition at my kitchen table of Connect Four.

The boy instructed me to start. We lightly, I thought at first, bantered back & forth about who would win & who would be the loser.

“I’m not gonna let you win just cuz you’re a little kid,” I warned my nephew. “You’re really smart so I’ll play at my best.”

The sharp youngster chose the red chips so I had the black ones. Without me even letting him, the boy who regularly astounds those of us who hear him speak his wisdom – learned from school & who knows where else – rose to victory numerous times by a landslide. (Mind you, my lenses that had been in my dry eyes for 4 whole hours, were fogged up & thus extremely difficult to see through. Plus the game was positioned in a weird light . . . all right, enough excuses already!)

My quite lengthy losing streak reminded me of a line the 7-year-old (7!!!!) doggedly declared at the start of our battle. Apparently his abundance of know-how includes trash talking too. Needless to say, shocked I wasn’t to hear the boy’s fighting words, no doubt intended intimidation at its finest:

“I’m gonna slice you like a pizza.”

The End

Me & the future Connect $ Champion

Me & the future Connect 4 Champion