“Good Till the Last Drip”

By me on 7.8.11

            “Now I only have to take 14 credits in the fall,” Lauren told my Mom and me the reason behind her taking spring classes at the University of Michigan where she is studying to become a teacher. After a few minutes of light chitchat Lauren excused herself to return to her dive meet duties.

“I think I’m the only person here who knows how to do this,” she commented as she left, referring to her role that involved managing divers’ scores. “It’s pretty simple. I better get back up there.”

Friday, July 8, my Mom and I were at one of Leah’s dive meets.

“I didn’t know you were coming,” the nine-year-old girl said cheerfully a minute later.

            Wearing a blue swimsuit with dripping wet brown hair, she exited the water through a ladder on the side of the pool to come say hello. The drenched diver in the second age group called at that night’s meet flopped over to my Mom and me in big bright green rubbery flippers.

            Either Leah or my Mom playfully observed her walking resembling a duck due to her footwear. I can’t recall who made the initial comment.

            Nevertheless, Leah, acting silly, embraced the comparison and strutted around the shaded table we were at, ending her walk with a few wacky poses.

            “I like to hug wet kids,” I stated as I wrapped my arms around the soaked swimmer. “It cools me down.”

            Renee, the mother of Leah’s close friend Sam, warmly greeted us and arranged chairs for my Mom and me for a better view of the diving board. Lori, Leah’s Mom, soon joined the spectators.

            “I didn’t get the first shot,” my Mom told me as the meet ended, bummed that she missed getting Leah’s front dive in the straight position on her camera.

            “That’s okay, you got the other three,” I replied. It was fun to sit and watch her catapult off the board.

Leah’s second dive was a fabulous front jump also in the straight position, number three was a beautiful back jump in the straight position, and the fourth and final dive of the day was a brilliant back line up in the free position.

            “Thanks for coming,” Leah kindly said to us before we left.

            Until we meet again.

                   THE END

Friends Forever!

Friends Forever!

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